The 2013 Toowoomba Tweed Run is over and done with. The weather looked daunting with torrential rain for the night before and the morning of but luckily it was to clear for a perfect afternoon of frivolity.

The weather did hold back many people who indicated they were attending although it didn't deter riders from Brisbane and Redcliffe who made the journey on the hope it was to clear.

The day started with tea, scones and cucumber sandwiches, supplied by Metro Cafe, in the beautiful Botanical Gardens. This gave everyone a chance to discuss outfits and bike choice and with many historic bikes donated by James MacDonald there was plenty to talk about.

Matt from Matt Hickey Photography was on hand to take everyones portrait for posterity sake.

Tickets were also being sold for the beautiful prize of a Brooks B17 Special saddle and several Brooks Leather Grips and trouser straps kindly donated by Bikeline.

The ride started and ventured towards Lake Annand much to the surprise of many motorists along the way as well as those feeding the ducks on the lakes edge. A short tour through the CBD and back to the Botanical Gardens where after that strenuous 9km ride a beer was well earned.

Joel and Susan from Joels Salon de Men were then on hand to award the prizes of some fabulous Upper Cut Deluxe products to the following categories:

  • 1st Best Dressed Gent - Jonathon C.
  • 2nd Best Dressed Gent - Shane R.
  • 3rd  Best Dressed Gent - Scanlon C.

  • 1st Best Mo - Kerwin R.
  • 2nd Best Mo - Justin E.
  • 3rd - Best Mo - Tom G.

Sarah from Intimo Lingerie presented the Best Dressed Lady which was taken out by Suzy.

The raffle was then drawn for the Brooks prizes and the winners were:
  • 1st  - B17 Special Saddle - Scanlon C.
  • 2nd  - Grips and Trouser Straps- Geoff B.
  • 3rd - Grips and Troser Straps - Jonathon C.

We also drew, courtesy of Intimo Lingerie, a ticket for a pair of their Mens Undershorts which was won by Shane R.

The best thing about the day besides the fun and frivolity was that to date a total of $3001 has been raised for Movember Australia to fund programs towards Mens Health. 

Thank you to all those who participated in, donated to or sponsored the ride your assistance and support is greatly appreciated. Until next year cheerio.....

Thanks to Bikeline for donating the Brooks England products valued at $600 for the raffle on Saturday. Make sure you bring some cash to make a donation.

Massive thanks also goes to Joels Salon de Men who will be donating all the prizes for the day for the following categories:

Best Dressed Gentleman 1st - Uppercut pack plus Haircut & Shave
Best Dressed Gentleman 2nd - Haircut Voucher- Redken water bottle 

Best Dressed Gentleman 3rd - Haircut voucher- Redken water bottle 

Best Mo - 1st, 2nd and 3rd - Haircut Voucher

Highest Fundraiser - Uppercut Gift Pack plus haircut Voucher

Make sure you head into Joels before Saturdays ride for a free Mo' trim, just tell them your doing the Tweed Run.

Remember this is a fundraiser for the Movember Foundation to aid Mental Health and Mens Healt 

There is a very serious side to the The Toowoomba Tweed Run and that is we do it to raise funds for the Movember Foundation. The Movember Foundation raises funds for programs they manage or for their health partners, Beyond Blue and The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.

Here are some the facts on Mens Health, the figures may scare you:

  • One in eight men will experience depression in their lifetime
  • One in five men will experience an anxiety disorder
  • Untreated depression is a major risk factor for suicide. Currently, males contribute to 80% of all suicide deaths in Australia. This is four out of every five suicides

Testicular cancer is the second most common cancer, behind skin cancers, in young men aged 18 – 39 years. It starts as an abnormal growth or tumour that develops in one or both testicles. It is a highly treatable type of cancer with a very good cure rate (about 95%) if found and treated early.
  • Testicular cancer is one of the least common forms of cancer with an estimated incidence of approximately 6.9 in every 100,000 men.
  • The incidence of testicular cancer varies across the globe from as low as 1 man in 100,000 in many African nations to a high as 20 men in 100,000 in parts of Europe.
  • African and Asian men appear to have a much lower incidence of testicular cancer.
  • 751 new cases were diagnosed in Australia in 2009
  • More than half of new diagnoses are in men under the age of 35  
  • 26 deaths from the disease were recorded in Australia in 2008
  • The rate of men being diagnosed with testicular cancer has grown by more than 50% over the past 20 years, the reason for this is unknown.
  • Relative survival rates for testicular cancer have also increased, with the five-year relative survival rate being 96.8% for men with testicular cancer in Australia

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in Australian men and is the second largest cause of male cancer deaths in Australia. Each year around 20,000 new cases are diagnosed in Australia and close to 3,300 Aussie men will die from the disease every year, which exceeds the number of women who die from breast cancer annually. Despite these figures, the level of awareness, understanding and support for prostate cancer lags significantly behind that of women’s health causes.

The Hairy Facts:
  • One in eight Australian men will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime
  • One in seven men will be diagnosed by age 75
  • One in four will be diagnosed by age 85
  • Around nine men die from prostate cancer each day in Australia
  • Around 90% of all men diagnosed will be alive five years after diagnosis

So do your bit and help change the face of Mens Health by making a donation to the Toowoomba Tweed Run Team. Your donation may help save someone's life.

It's already the 5th of November and we hope that all the gentleman out there are starting to have definition on their top lip. Now the choice of Mo' must be thought out carefully to ensure it matches with the chosen outfit. Remember to check the local op shops for Tweed suits, bow ties, suspenders, there is a treasure trove of ideas out there.

So you have your Mo' and your outfit but what are you going to be pedalling on the day. Well lucky for you The Toowoomba Tweed Run is friends with the most esteemed gentleman, James MacDonald, the local collector and historian on bicycles. If you don't know who James is then check out the video from one of our earlier posts.

He has offered to all participants to ride a period correct bicycle based on your outfit. If your interested in riding an early 1900's bicycle then contact us and we will forward you his details. Have your outfit ready and give James plenty of time to be able to have the bike ready for you.

And it's not just what's worn on the outside but what's worn underneath. We have been contacted by Sarah Dawson from Intimo underwear who has kindly offered to donate 10% of the sale from every pair of Mens Boxers from Intimo. Sarah's own father suffered from Prostate Cancer so is very much behind the cause. Check out the range here and to place an order contact Sarah at sarah.dawson(at)intimo.com.au or on 0411 565 626.

If your planning on riding then we encourage every rider to join the Movember Tweed Run page and start helping to change the face of Mens health forever.
For all those FAQ, download the flyer for all your answers and when your done post it on the noticeboard at work. We can't deny others the love of Tweed.

Don't forget to register for Movember before the first of November and have your donation boxes out as well.

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Tweed Run Poster
Well it's official. The 2013 Toowoomba Tweed Run is now launched. Book into your diaries Saturday 30th November.

With five and half weeks to the the ride there is ample opportunity to prepare your wardrobe, your facial hair and your bike for what can only be described as an afternoon of frivolity.

Our sponsors from 2011 have graciously supplied their support again so you can be assured of some great prizes on the day. 

For the month of November, Joels Salon will be providing free Mo' trims to all men who mention the Tweed Run as well as prizes on the day from Uppercut Deluxe; Bikeline and Brooks England are providing some prizes also which may included a coveted Brooks Saddle and Grips; Total Technology Centre have kindly printed all the promotional material; Photopro will be offering prints from the day.

The ride is free to register but we ask that you show your support by registering for Movember and joining the Toowoomba Tweed Run team. For the ladies we don't expect you to grow any facial hair but you can still register and show your support for the gentlemen.

Well Movember 2013 has been launched so we can now start to plan what facial hair will be adorning our upper lip for November. Thankfully all the chaps will be able to keep it clean and manicured thanks to Joels Salon de Men in Margaret Street Toowoomba who have signed on as major sponsors for the event for the second time.

As well as offering free trims to all those registered with the ride they will also be putting up great prizes for the different categories on the day with products from Uppercut Deluxe, an Australian born product that delivers high quality grooming products for the discerning gentleman.

So nows the time to head to the Toowoomba Tweed Run Movember page, nominate and start the ball rolling to help change mens health.
I was lucky enough to speak to the ABC radios Squeaky Wheel program last Friday about the Tweed Run in Toowoomba and around the country. By no means am I an expert but it's great to see the attention that the ride receives.

Hopefully we will stay in contact with the program and create some more excitement as the date gets nearer.
This video has been doing the rounds of various cycling websites for the last couple months and I thought it's about time I posted here, considering James is a keen supporter of the Toowoomba Tweed Run. Many of you have seen James riding around Tbar on one of his collection but I wonder how many have actually spoken to him.

The collection of bikes that James has along with the knowledge he has is unsurpassed anywhere and the thing I like about this short film is that it focuses on James the man and not his collection. 

Thankfully for the first Tweed Run, James offered many of his bikes to be used as he believes the bikes should be ridden. Hopefully this year they will be again.

After the last years non-event we are full steam ahead for the planning of this years Tweed Run. It will be held on Saturday 30th November to coincide with Movember and we are lo
Due to an overly hectic work schedule the past couple of months the organisation of the 2012 Toowoomba Tweed Run has not managed to get off the ground. Never fear though as we have postponed it to Saturday 2nd March 2013. It will herald the beginning of Autumn in Toowoomba and at a time when Tweed is most definitely suited.

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